Foreword by Jayesh Shah

My teacher and very dear friend Jayesh Shah, MD, Mumbai, India, was so kind to write a foreward to my book. His observations and experiences with Streptococcinum are based on prescriptions of Helios' "old", untriturated version of the remedy - the new C5-triturated Streptococcinum Tilch version did not yet exist at that time.

Streptococcinum, Oh Streptococcinum!:
By Dr Jayesh Shah MD(Hom)
“Symbiosis is a much higher reflection of intelligent-life” Fredrick Lenz

The influence of Streptococcinum, is the most amazing phenomenon I have observed in my day to day practice of Homoeopathy. This remedy is my go-to remedy when nothing works. I have found that this remedy moves the case in ways more than one. In fact, Streptococcinum has totally surprised me with its scope and action!
With the number of cases that have responded to Streptococcinum, I am convinced it has some lateral resonance with all the problems faced by human beings. I tried many other similar remedies like Pneumococcinum, Staphylococcinum and E coli, but I confirm the clinical experience with Streptococcinum, that seems to have a broad-spectrum influence on the human consciousness.
My journey / How it all started…
Initially it started with giving a dose of Streptococinum 200 or 1M for patients having strong history of throat infections, recurring fevers and tonsil related problems. These patients were previously not responding to other remedies that I chose for them. When they started improving, it was a reward in itself! Encouraged by these results, I went a step further. This remedy gradually became a part of case management in long term treatment of all cases that had recurring infections as a theme in their past and present history. Most of them received one single dose at an appropriate time during the course of their treatment. Often it was given after a fever or an infection. Again the results were encouraging. I observed a marked reduction in the frequency and intensity of the infections. Interestingly, in this process, I found in a few patients, many unrelated complaints also getting better. I noted how this remedy was affecting symptoms that were chronic and not related to fevers, particularly in the mental sphere. The turning point for me was a case of heel pain with calcaneus spur. This person’s pain was relentless and I was not able to help her. Physiotherapist also could not help her much. After a struggle for over four months with heel pain, and because the client did not want any cortisone shots in the heels, I gave Streptococcinum 1M one dose [Helios “Streptococcus pyogenes (Streptococcinum)”, “old”, untriturated version; comment of Andreas]. This person did not have any history of recurring infections and yet in five days the heel pains subsided! And have never recurred till date, over 4 years! It was for the first time that I was comprehending some an interesting phenomenon and the rest, as they say is history. Over the next two years I found many patients with varying ailments who were positively influenced by this remedy. I wondered if one day I will become a Strepto-Baba, just sitting with a very long beard, claiming ‘all ills here are the magic pills!’ Today most of my patients have a small vial of this remedy as an SOS 1 kept in their house. It is very useful to give one dose after every acute fever or infection. I am very clear of the limitations of such a prescription and am always in the quest for finding the best similimum on the basis of the vital peculiarities that emerge in a given case. Streptococcinum is also my first prescription for any modern medicine specialist who seeks my help for any condition. Their perception is programed to see and treat infections! Delusion infected is or infected will be! This may be a key note for Streptococcinum. Many modern medicine experts have benefitted greatly by this remedy.

To better illustrate the remedial action of Streptococcinum, I am sharing these few cases in brief, where this remedy was given in deeper indications that helped me to understand why it influences human ailments to such an extent.

Case 1. Male child age 4 years:
First consultation 2016, Recurring high fevers every two weeks. Nothing seemed to be helping. Every fifteen days, he would catch a cold, with swelling in eyes, headache, coughing, and lot of vomiting full of sticky mucus. Some of his characteristic symptoms were –

• Tendency to frequent vomits during every acute episode.

• Profuse nasal discharge with immediate lower respiratory congestion. Violent bouts of coughing last all night.

• Appetite goes down.

• Nocturnal leg pains, nausea on waking up.

• Very chilly with fever.

• Weeping and moaning during acute episodes and just cannot get up from the bed. Gets a course of antibiotics on an average every 20 days since he was one year of age.

• Severe pain in the abdomen as soon as he sits in the car. Car sickness+++.

• Mile stones: Delayed walking. Early talking.

• Sweats profusely.

• History of rickets during the first year of life. Even now he appears weak and emaciated.

• Most significant indication was acute phobia of infection at home with parents, grand parents, uncles and maids all participating in this grand anticipation of infection. (this was much prior to the pandemic) I often see this fear of infection in mothers as a key note for prescribing this in the child.

Mind and Temperament – Strangely the child spoke of germs and Dettol (Ani septic) and having clean habits! He had a fascination for animals, teddy bears, snakes, sharks, big fishes and small fishes. Fears monsters will crush his home. ‘I will run into a strong home so that big sharks or monsters cannot enter there’. He fears mosquitoes biting him and need to go to doctors.

Fears sleeping alone, needs either of his parents to sleep with him. Dreams of monsters, lions snakes, tigers that they eat the smaller animals.

Playful, curious, imaginative and friendly. Spoke of Cheetahs running fast, makes drawings of animals grazing. Fascinated with cranes and machines that that scrape and dig the land. Physically weak but very sharp and super active. He is very sensitive to other’s feelings. Never creates any fights with anyone. He is fairly obedient and systematic. He wants everything proper. If not he will strive and make sure they are proper. Needs to keep his things and surroundings very clean. Very particular. Parents call him generous and big hearted. A super intelligent kid, tends to think for everyone. When parents go out without him, tends to weep. When unwell he is restless in bed, and very weak. Bangs is head and legs to the bed. Very friendly communicative and mixing child.

During pregnancy mother was afraid to be alone. She felt suffocated if not in company. Mother also very friendly.

Remedy given: Streptococcinum 1M one dose [Helios “Streptococcus pyogenes (Streptococcinum)”, “old”, untriturated version; comment of Andreas].

Follow up after three months: No episodes of any infection in these three months! Motion sickness cured. Appetite much better and he gained weight. Physical stamina is much better. He enjoyed ice creams and chocolates without falling sick. Fear of being alone was still there. He enjoying his schooling. Since he is better there is no tension in the family (joint family). Many conflicts that disturbed the family got resolved! This observation of conflict-solving action of this remedy is clearly demonstrated in the work of Dr Andreas Tilch.

Follow up over 2 years: Few mild colds and coughs that responded to Streptococcinum 1M. There was no need for further consultations or treatment.

Case 2: Female child age 3 years:
Complaints of huge adenoids and sleeplessness. Remedies given Calc Carb, Calc Iod and Tuberculinum Bov.   Mind and temperamnet – Starts communicating when asked about fears. Fears lions, tigers and does not fear Zebras. Talks of his fears of crackers. Speech is very unclear crackers sounded like crabs. This was because of huge adenoids. Lions make a lot of noise. She likes to cuddle the dogs. Fine child, loves dancing, loves talking and full of energy. She has got loads of friends. Communicative. Very clever and grasps concepts very easily.   She is generous and sharing most of the times. Very jumpy active child. As she has a mind of her own, she is fears teacher scolding her. She will eat drink wear and do things the way she wants to and when she wants to. Although she is very gentle most often. Loves music and dancing. Recites religious texts and poems with ease. Very good memory.   Characteristic symptoms – • Severe nose block causes major sleep issues. • Very loud grinding of the teeth. This does not allow the mother to sleep peacefully. The grinding is so loud. • She snores so loudly that the parents are not able to sleep. Father says she snores louder than an adult person. • Child gets up so frequently at night, rolls from one end of the bed to the other. • Craves : Rice, sweets and chocolates. To this she says, ‘ I eat sweets so I get bacteria, they break my teeth.’ Even if this is possibly taught, it is still significant in the way the child expressed this. I confirmed this trait of severe fear of infections in the parents. Child is frequently warned of consequences of an infection.   Remedy: Streptococcin 1M one dose.. [Helios “Streptococcus pyogenes (Streptococcinum)”, “old”, untriturated version; comment of Andreas].   First follow up in two months: snoring and grinding of the teeth much better, almost gone. No experience of nose block drama at night! Over all 90 percent change. Did not need to consult us after that!
A word of caution
However, I am not saying Streptococcinum cures anything and everything. To give you some perspective I would like to share my experience in a Streptococcinum trial I conducted. Ten volunteering patients (who were not responding to any other remedies), were given a choice to take this remedy in 200c potency [Helios “Streptococcus pyogenes (Streptococcinum)”, “old”, untriturated version; comment of Andreas]. Out of the ten, five responded in a very positive way, two showed some relief, three did not have any effect. They were monitored over a period of four to six months. I strongly feel that more work needs to be done in this direction to demonstrate its practical usability!
The main themes, which I see in my practice are:

The ‘infection consciousness’ is a marked symptom of this remedy. It is so common for humans to think in these terms right from an early age. Later, we can examine the relationship of humans with bacteria as a main theme of this remedy. Other bacteria-remedies did not act as deeply and generally like Streptococcinum.

• Fear and anticipation of infections – Every infection is experienced as a danger to life. Family overly anxious. Person who provides care is also horribly scarred (fear of infection in the mothers of a child is a key indication for this remedy). Protecting themselves from the infection and dread the consequences of sickness. Fear of animals and insect bites for fear of getting infection. Often obsessive traits related to infections were relieved by this remedy. These observations again I say were in pre-covid times!

• Constant anticipation of lurking danger from infections is also an indication for this remedy. I have given it to many patients during the pandemic. It helped to calm the fear in many cases. Note that any infection generates a response from the humans. This is a broad spectrum remedy representing human relationship with parasitic, bacterial and viral worlds.

• Compulsions like washing, cleaning and protecting are key to this remedy. Over protective mother could be an important indication of the remedy for the child. Actions like constant monitoring of infections or sickness parameters is also an indication for this remedy.

• Dwelling on the warning-words from the modern medicine specialists disturbs the normal peace of life! Either they are consuming a lot of antibiotics or great fear of taking antibiotics both indicate this remedy.

• Another fear is of being poisoned, expressed as fear of medications.

• Never well since the last infection or last antibiotic is important indication for the use of this remedy. If any such episode has left a residual effect on the mind or the body this remedy will help to move the case. One can use it as in-between remedy or as an acute or even as constituitional remedy in cases, depending on your line of thinking. Every medical doctor creates and lives in this fear of fatal consequences of infections. All of them need to get few doses of Streptococcin 200c [Helios “Streptococcus pyogenes (Streptococcinum)”, “old”, untriturated version; comment of Andreas]. I have taken it myself also!

• Respiratory infections, urinary infections, joint pains, genital herpes, filariasis, skin infections, rectal abscesses, diabetes mellitus, viral infections like dengue have responded to this remedy. I believe this remedy is similar to nosodes like Tuberculinim or Bacillinum that our teachers used frequently in the past.

• Great desire for company and alone aggravation. Vulnerable when alone. Safe when all are together. Being together is the positive polarity of this remedy state. Creating social relevance and indulge in social activities, group work, that makes you feel secure and belonging. Opposite is this sensation of danger or threat like that from monsters, ghosts and violent assaults. Fears in children are projected as fears of fire crackers, balloons bursting or loud sudden noises. Fear is existential as if death or a fatal assault is round the corner. Fear in children when parents go out leaving them at home. It is indicated in any case where there are disruptive emotional issues within the family. Thanks to the experiences of Dr Tilch in this direction, as it brings a lot of light on this aspect of the remedy in a big way.

• They desire to travel out of curiosity and they immediately get absorbed/busy/occupied with something that interests them. They seem to get restless if not absorbed in some interesting intellectual imaginative activity. Very productive and love appreciation.

Clinical tips
It is indicated in any case of acute and recurring infections. Three cases of severe recurring urinary infection with E-coli were permanently relieved with this remedy.   Past history of tuberculosis where Tuberculinum did not help, think of a dose of streptococcinum in between your treatment at an appropriate time. One case of filariasis responded promptly with this remedy. The feet swelling reduced markedly after streptococcinum 200c.   Best time to give this remedy is after an acute infection or acute emotional trauma or violent emotional drama.   The most common human experience of ‘bacterium’ is of a big threat. The common approach adapted by humans is to create a sterile system, free from harmful bacteria. Not to leave any infection untreated by aggressive antibiotics.   The bacteria and viruses respond with collective strategy of evolution or symbiosis. For both, the humans and the bacteria, there is a fear/instinct of survival.   The pioneers of Homoeopathy have repeatedly indicated that diseases, and particularly infections, are not the cause but rather the result of a diseased process in an individual. Quoting Dr. Hahnemann here – “There are no diseases, but sick people.” (Common sense tells that covid-pandemic and the like situations, are a result of a morbid nature, attitude, actions, thoughts and habits of human beings.)   Also Dr. Kent said ‘He who considers disease results to be the disease itself, and expects to do away with these as disease, is insane. It is an insanity in medicine, an insanity that has grown out of the milder forms of mental disorder in science, crazy whims. The bacteria are a result of disease. In the course of time we will be able to show perfectly that the microscopical little fellows are not the disease cause, but that they come after, that they are scavengers accompanying the disease, and that they are perfectly harmless in every respect.’ Similar sentiment is echoed by many thinkers and healers all over the world! They say “A good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”   In these times of war, the spirit of these Bacteria bring the wisdom of ‘symbiosis’, the technology for mutually beneficial existence. Human body survives only because of so many useful symbiotic bacteria in our body! Streptococcus in its other forms is essential for life building phenomenon that holds human existence. Exactly opposite of this is – a relationship which doesn’t benefit the either and creates a threat for the other. Only one can survive, and there is sense of perpetual danger for both.
The spirit of the Streptococcus brings this message of living and holding life. They are masters of healthy symbiosis.

I end with a gratitude for this message of symbiosis from the world of Bacteria!

My heart-felt thanks to Dr Andreas Tilch my dear Soul- Brother, for this invitation share my experiences. A big gratitude to Dr Andreas for bringing his experiences and clinical work to inspire us into love and light.

Many thanks to Dr Sayali Mehta for her inputs and editing.


Dr. Jayesh Shah, Mumbai, India, 3rd March 2022

Appendix by Andreas:
It seems very possible to me that the results of the clinical trial, that Jayesh talked about, could be improved further by using the C5-triturated Streptococcinum-Tilch instead of the untriturated version. In my observation the triturations bring the Streptococcus-information to a much deeper level than only liquid potentising. Overall the untriturated version acts mainly on the mental and the emotional sphere, and from there also sometimes very impressingly on the physical sphere also, as we can see in Jayesh’s cases, whereas the triturated version acts equally on the mental, emotional and the physical sphere. The triturations bring a lot of additional stabilising energy, digging down deep into the earth-like part of our system, the body, and creating a very stable fundament below the surface of the earth. After taking the first doses of C5-triturated Streptococcinum-Tilch people experience sometimes a great desire to lie down, to sleep a lot and to relax deeply. This is very often a phase of necessary physical recovery from a long standing attitude of a stressful survival mode. After C-5-triturated Streptococcinum Tilch many people have experienced a very clear perception of the signs and signals of the body and of their intuition. But more than that, many developed more and more courage to follow these signals without the existential fear of not functioning, which usually had been there throughout their lives and have hindered them from being truly themselves. Less anxiety and more courage to follow the voice of the heart, the inner child and the signals of the body can lead to very deep experiences of being in good hands, also in moments of crisis. On the long run, this has often very good effects on the emotional, mental, and physical health and on the whole life experience. Streptococcus pyogenes (Tilch C5) has opened up doors for processes like this in many individuals and family systems.

In Jayesh’s case no. 1 the boy’s fears of monsters, that will crush his home, from my understanding reflect very much the connection of Streptococcinum to the incarnation- and birth-trauma, which is very common for humans and animals. It is the experience of the baby in the womb at the beginning of labour: His safe home, the belly of the mother, is going to be crushed! ‘I will run into a strong home so that big sharks or monsters cannot enter there’, is the compensation of this fear. Falling sick all the time opens up to him a way back to the comfort zone of his protecting mother and family, in order to reinstall a safe womb-state. Once this birth trauma was relieved by the resonance of the vital force with Streptococcinum, there was no more need to hold on or go back to the safe mother-womb-place all the time.

In many individuals Streptococcinum brings motion and relief into very deep rooted disowned, traumatically segregated feelings, which are constantly there in the system since very early stages of life: in the womb, during birth, in childbed and during the phase of breast-feeding and early nourishment.

Disclaimer and general information on medical topics
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