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Together with the Glücksknirpsen I have produced an English video course on Streptococcinum-Tilch!

Here you get an insight into the history and experience with streptococcus pyogenes (Tilch C5)​ My personal preface from my book "From Primal Fear to Connectedness"
translated for you:

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 30th anniversary as a general practitioner in private practice. I am deeply happy, but also maximally fulfilled with this wonderful profession. In my private life I am surrounded by people I love and with whom I would like to spend much more time. I am drawn out into nature much more often than I can give in to.

For a long time now, my full practice has left me far too little room for this. And to write a book about a homeopathic remedy? I really had no plans in this direction. I would not have chosen it voluntarily! An incalculable amount of additional work? To go out in public and be judged and criticized? No thanks! I don’t have to make a career anymore and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Rather, it seems to me that the time has come to slowly prepare for retirement. And yet this book has come into being.

Streptokokkinum came to me through Jayesh Shah and obviously wanted me to serve as a mouthpiece for him.Just as the Gregorian calendar divides our time into “before Christ” and “afterChrist,” I can divide my biography into “before and after Streptokok -kinum.” This remedy marks a central turning point in my work and in my life. The task of the physician is to treat and, if possible, to cure diseases. It is a matter of restoring health to the previous level. to produce.

In the 23 years before the STREPTOKOKKINUM turn of events, this was always my goal: My treatment should lead to the patient being as well afterwards as possible as he was before the illness or disorder that had brought him to me. The highest art is to activate the patient’s self-healing powers with the help of homeopathic remedies individually selected for the respective case of illness according to the principle of similarity. The determination of a particularly well-suited constitutional remedy for this particular person, which will help him in acute as well as in chronic disease states of all kinds, is the daily bread of every homeopath.

To find the most similar, best fitting remedy among more than 2,000 remedies is always a great challenge. If it succeeds, the joy is great. If it doesn’t work, you still have conventional medicine at your disposal. As a homeopath, one is happy if one has to use as few chemical medications with side effects as possible. One would like that the self-healing power of a patient, with the help of specific homeopathic information, manages to overcome a disease state or a mental disturbance and to restore health.

In the 23 years before STREPTOKOKKINUM I had many such very happy experiences of success. Patients got along very well with their constitutional remedy for many years. This had nothing to do with a placebo effect, as is often attributed to homeopathy by people who have not experienced its effect themselves and who have only studied it theoretically. If one gives a remedy that does not fit exactly, the desired effect – unfortunately – does not occur.

If at a later time a really suitable remedy is found, it suddenly works wonders. Homeopathic individual remedy finding is a daily hard work. My long-time homeopathy teacher, friend and heart-brother Jayesh ShahausMumbai is a master at it. His students, including me, tried to imitate him and become better and better in this art. With which remedy from the ocean of possibilities will this patient resonate best in this specific case of illness?

There are symptom registers, reference books and computer programs that can help the homeopath to find the hopefully most suitable remedy from the innumerable possibilities.
In the 23 years before the STREPTOKOKKINUM turn of events, there was also much frustration and many setbacks. Some patients I could hardly reach at all with homeopathy. Stressed, overworked men, for example. NUX VOMICA or LYCOPODIUM helped some very well – but by far not all. I treated many patients for years without being able to achieve a lasting improvement in their condition.

The hay fever came back every year. Some asthma patients could not get off their cortisone spray. For others, psoriasis came back in waves. Since STREPTOKOKKINUM everything changed! One patient after the other told me that with this remedy he was not only as well as before, but better than ever before! This was new! Fascinated by this, I used the remedy on more and more patients. Practically all of my problem patients suddenly began to move to a sustainably better level. Their complaints decreased, they used me much less often or hardly at all, and at the same time they experienced an unprecedented joy of life. These wonderful progressions simply had to be shared!

In the middle of 2019, I took two weeks of vacation at Lake Maggiore to begin writing up my experiences for a book. I managed25 pages. But that’s where it stayed for now, for a long time. The practical work simply took up all my creative energy completely. An ever-increasing flood of fascinating case histories, all of which I wanted to edit and publish at some point, accumulated in my files. I entered more and more new homeopathic territory.

Gradually I ventured into more and more frequent repetitions of higher and higher potencies and finally into the treatment of whole families, with regular doses of even the highest potencies over long periods of time – beyond individual anamnesis and remedy selection, as homeopathy actually presupposes. The feedback I received was so astonishingly positive that I continued to research and experiment with the effects of STREPTOKOKKINUM. I took a lot of time to ask about and document this feedback in detail, and I was always late in the evenings when I left the practice.

In the fall of 2020, I learned of an online homeopathy congress being planned by United-To-Healzon the topic of “Fear-Immunity-Life Force”. Although I did not see myself on the level of the already planned speakers, I wrote Matthias Berner out of a spontaneous impulse. who organized this congress, and told him about my observations with STREPTOKOKKINUM. He responded enthusiastically, interviewed me, and the interview was actually broadcast. After that, there was a tremendous amount of response. 

I received countless e-mails from people all over the German-speaking world, many patient inquiries, all of which I could not accept.  In addition, there was a lot of positive feedback about very positive effects that congress participants had experienced with STREPTOKOKKINUM on themselves, their families or their patients. In the interview I had also mentioned that I had an infinite amount of material and should have written a book about STREPTOKOKKINUM, but that I simply did not have the time. Aleksandar Stefanovic had seen the interview and appeared in my office a little later. His residence and publishing house are half an hour’s drive from my city. We immediately had a wonderful cordial contact with each other. It was such an ideal twist of fate that all of a sudden, in a STREPTOKOKKINUM-typical way, it was clear without any alternative: against all odds, I am now seriously tackling this book project with Aleksandar’s help.

Since then, I have taken many weeks of time off to work on the book, spent spring, summer, fall, and winter vacations on it, retreated toenzenschwand in the Black Forest, spent many weekends and evenings typing and writing, left many other things undone and put them on hold for an unforeseeable period of time, put my children, my partner, and my friends through many hardships, and given my body far less exercise than would have been good for it.  Well, to be able to finish writing this book today, Easter Sunday, is a great relief. I can’t even measure the impact of it yet.

STREPTOKOKKINUM works like an Internet plug on a computer: it creates a connection to a huge network in a completely unspectacular way. Instead of always moving along the same old, familiar, programmed paths, an ocean of new possibilities opens up to the people who occupy it. Unimagined developments set in that eclipse everything that came before.  Processes of liberation, quantum leaps, experiences of coherence and deep feelings of connection develop as if by themselves.

Relationships improve and the quality of life experience reaches a new dimension. STREPTOKOKKINUM, especially the newly developed C5-ver- sion, releases a potential in us, which has always been there, but which we have not been able to use out of a basic-urge-separation-birth-trauma. This primal trauma is the cause, the “causa”, as the homoeopath says, for a fundamental state of contraction and separation, in which basically every living being is subliminally, which has a body and has been born.

STREPTOKOKKINUM has a very strong similarity to this supraindividual, common primal trauma. According to my experience, C5-imprinted STREPTOKOKKINUM very reliably opens the door to a process in which this common primal trauma of human and also animal beings dissolves more and more. This is not a trifle. If it is confirmed, this would be a revolution for the human consciousness and for our living together on earth.

The importance of dreams for the understanding of the processes of the subconscious and the mental “state of development” with regard to homoeopathic resonance effects was probably first recognized by my first homoeopathy teacher Jürgen Becker, who has already passed away. I am sure that Jürgen’s soul is very happy about the inclusion of elements of his work and that he gives this book project his heartfelt blessing! Dreams often show an individual perspective on an inner process between different parts of one’s own personality.

But sometimes dreams are also like “downloads” from the collective field of consciousness and represent helpful messages for all of us. See for yourself which dreams resonate with you personally, and take them with you as a gift on your own journey.From the infinite amount of material that has accumulated in 4 years of intensive experience with STREPTOKOKKINUM with me, to pick out a tiny selection of descriptive examples and summarize them, was a year-long work, which I started in 2019. A lot of development has happened in that time.

The passages I have written recently are based on a much deeper understanding of the remedy than those from 3 years ago.  As an inexperienced author, hopelessly overwhelmed by the abundance of material, I kept getting lost in long sentences, many page turns and cross thoughts. My publisher, Aleksandar Stefanovic, has in infinite -I have simplified, shortened, reordered, and inserted subheadings, making the text easier for the reader to digest.

So this book is a mixture of my own language and the language of Aleksandar. It feels very coherent to me: STREPTOKOKKINUMpromotes successful teamwork, and we really succeeded. Basically, however, it is STREPTOKOKKINUM itself that speaks to you through this book.  May it help you to live your life in the most coherent and beautiful way, to draw the greatest possible profit from disease processes and to accompany your patients and your loved ones on their way with it in a beneficial way.

Andreas Tilch; Freiburg, April 17, 2022

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